The joys and trouble of getting a TDC fibre

UPDATE: I switched to Gigabit. There I have gigabit internet terminated in an Ethernet outlet, a fixed IPv4 address without any additional cost ... and IPv6. It's amazing.

I recently moved and got access to a fibre from TDC. Having fibre internet to your home is awsome and gives you the potentiel to enjoy a fast internet connection with low latency. The product that TDC sells does come with some caveats. I have the "Home trio" product. That includes telephony, TV and internet. I haven't used the telephony part, but you can't avoid it. The base TV package has 51 channels. The internet connection is 50 MBps downstream and 10 MBps upstream.

The joys

It's great to have an internet connection with low latency. It makes the network feel a lot faster.

It's faster than the 20/2 MBps ADSL I had before.

The TV seems to work as expected.

The trouble

In other words, I have chosen TDC for the low latency and the TV signal. But I'm very far from impressed with the product they are delivering.

My plan to work around the crappy hardware from TDC:

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